23 May 2011

The SEO business guide best

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The SEO business guide best
Most So-Called SEO Experts are Liars!
The Internet is filled with self-proclaimed Internet Marketing Gurus hawking “SEO Secrets” like there’s no tomorrow — but look
beyond the screenshots and “audit-proof” results and dig into their history, and their long-term results and you’ll often find that their
promises are overhyped, the results achieved were temporary and that they are salesmen more so than SEO experts…
 Put it simply, these guys are great info-product marketers, but when it comes to generating results for themselves or their clients,
the numbers simply don ’t add up.
“The SEO Business Guide” published by SitePoint is different, and we invite you to do your own research and verify our credentials:
SitePoint.com is one of the Top 1000 Websites on the Internet, and has been for the past 10 years according to Alexa.com
Kristen Holden, the co-author of the book is also responsible for the SEO on two “little” websites that you might have heard of
— 99designs and Flippa. If you haven’t, just type in “99designs” into Google News to find news stories on Entrepreneur.com,
INC.com, and the Webby Award Win for “Best Web Service” in 2010. Kristen has also managed search accounts for big
brands like Pfizer, Sensis and Commbank at his previous life working at an SEO agency.
Mike Holden, the co-author of the SEO Business Guide is responsible for search strategy at realestate.com.au – one of the
largest and most popular and well-respected sites in Australia and receives over 6,872,760 unique visitors per month
We invite you to see for yourself and request FREE Sample chapters from SitePoint’s SEO Business Guide.
Grab 4 FREE Sample Chapters Today:   More..Click here...?
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